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IELTS English Course

سعر عادي
سعر البيع
سعر عادي
بيعت كلها
سعر الوحدة

Our IELTS course is a crash course in English that is completed after one month. Select the desired number of hours per month here.

The tuition fee is £20 per hour, for x hour(s) of class every week for 1 month.

This plan is fixed by default, which means that you cannot reschedule the lessons. Do you have to reschedule your lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, for example, due to illness, this is of course possible. Contact our Admin with valid proof and your class will be rescheduled.
If you want to be able to rebook at any time, choose our FLEX plan by adjusting the type below.
PLEASE NOTE that £5 extra will be charged per lesson.

After you order this course you will receive a code on your email address to schedule your appointments on our calendar page.